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almost 7 years ago

Less than 24 hours

Hi Everyone,

Looking for Development ideas, check out some of the great tools provided by our sponsors. 

Cocos2d-X: Cocos2d-x is a fast, efficient and robust OPEN source game engine. With implementations in C++, JavaScript and Lua developers can target mobile, desktop and the web. Coco2d-x supports development on OS X, Windows and Linux and targets iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X Desktop, Windows Desktop and web browsers.

Cocos2d-x Wiki - Cocos2d-x Download - Cocos2d-x GitHub - Cocos2d-x Progammer Guide - Cocos2d-x Forums will also be providing special access to game jam attendees for their Cloud Producer along with hands on support for teams using it.  The Cloud Producer is an ideal tool for fast-paced game jam.  Its a complete solution UI/Servers/Platform for adding beautiful social game loops in minutes.

GameThrive is a simple and smart push notification service with plugins for all major mobile game SDKs. Of particular interest to hackathon participants, GameThrive supports device-to-device notifications and interactive notifications on iOS8 and Android devices. Developers from GameThrive will be on site for much of the hackathon to help out anyone who has questions about integrating GameThrive into their game, or can be reached at GameThrive Documentation


The Cardinal Game Jam Team