• Registration is open to all.  However, the status is pending until confirmation is received. Confirmations will be sent on a rolling basis as space allows.
  • On-site particpants can register at thecardinalgamejam.com
  • Remote participants register through ChallengePost
  • Teams should consist of between 1 and 6 participants.



  • We encourage you to plan your game in advance. Before the game jam, you can: pre-install software on your laptop; setup infrastructure (hosting, DNS, SSL, empty github repo, etc.); design a logo and create a color scheme; create wireframes, mockups, and user flows; and write documentation for your proposed design.
  • Art/Audio Assets may be created in advance of the event
  • All code, outside of public libraries and development tools/platforms available to all participants attending the game jam, must be completed during The Cardinal Game Jam. Please don't start coding before noon on November 1.  No Cheating! 
  • On-site participants may stay for the entire time or leave and return as convenient.
  • Respectful behavior is expected from all.  Participants may be required to leave at any time otherwise.  http://hackcodeofconduct.org/
  • Electricity, internet and space will be provided.  Participants are responsible for bringing their own equipment, including at least one phone they can build and demonstrate on.


[Update] Please commit your code regularly throughout the game jam. We will check the commit codes of winning games. 

  • Players must submit a game playable on a mobile phone, specifically:
  • Either an .apk or .ipa file that judges can install or a link for html5 games that judges can play on non-rooted phones.  (If participants want to do an iOS game they will need to have the appropriate developer accounts to be able to distribute the game to judges. 
  • Source Code (Submission of source code is for verification purposes, not to be made public).
  • List of team members
  • Project Name and paragraph description of the game
  • A) Remote Participants: Gameplay / Demo Videos are recommended for remote participants; B) The team should have the game on a phone ready to go for the judges to see.

Additional information about distributing builds of the games will be provided during the jam. 


  • There will be multiple prizes.  Generally games will be judged on overall polish of the game mechanics, visual design, and general level of fun.
  • Remote entrants may not be eligible for certain prizes
  • Updates with further details on specific prizes including the value/item and criteria will be posted under Prizes.

Rules - General

These rules reflect the intent of the organizers. Participation is free and voluntary.  No obligation exists to participants with regards to the rules/prizes.  Participants do not assign any rights to their mobile games by participating in the jam.

Prizes are based on generosity of sponsors and discretion of judges.   We believe participants should be informed of the criteria and believe active discussion is useful part of becoming informed. Interpretation is at the discretion lies of the organizers and their designees as well as particular sponsors.